Thursday, September 15, 2011

Homemade Cleaners: Substitute for Pine Sol

In accordance with FlyLady principles (see the link in the sidebar!), I swish (our toilet) and swipe (our bathroom counter) each morning. I have been using Pine Sol for my "swishing," but I used the last of my Pine Sol yesterday. After doing some research online about Pine Sol, I realized a while back that I needed to change my thinking that pine = clean (brainwashing, I tell you!). I have pondered for the last few weeks what I would use for swishing when the last of the Pine Sol was finally eradicated.

Vinegar is one of the ultimate safe household cleaners (I use white vinegar in some of my marinades!), but it smells awful. So I put it in a sprayer bottle with about about 50 drops of essential oil. That amount of essential oil was necessary to overpower the vinegar smell--and even then, you can still smell some of the vinegar rearing its head, although it disappears after a little while. I also added some 3% hydrogen peroxide and some 91% rubbing alcohol; I like to kill as many germs and bacteria and other bad stuff as I can. I shook up the mixture and then used it this morning to swish the toilet.

I plan to pour this solution into a pourable bottle as soon as I am finished with the bottle I am going to use. I am also thinking that when I mix the next batch, I am going to add some real lemon juice and some lemon essential oil instead. If you are addicted to the smell of pine, you could find some pine needle essential oil.

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  1. I've been using vinegar as a base for several cleaners for a long time and the funny thing is that now vinegar smells "clean" to me! And pine smells "chemical"! I've reversed my brainwashing. :) I haven't added rubbing alchohol or peroxide, but I think I'll look into that. Thanks for the suggestion!